You have served 7 years of your life sentence for a murder you did not commit.

The state of Florida has condemned this prison.

 All prisoners are being relocated to a new maximun security facility. 

There is evidence somewhere in this prison that will prove your innocence. 

You have 60 minutes before your transport arrives. 

This is your last chance for freedom!


City Morgue

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Flying home after a weekend getaway on Marco Island your plane loses control over the most remote part of the Everglades and crashes. 
A rescue operation is working tirelessly to find you. 
You must work together to find shelter and  make contact with the outside world in the next 60 minutes. 
If you fail, you will be LOST forever!

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Your part time job at the city morgue has taken a deadly turn!  You hear noises from the basement.  You go to investigate and discover a room you never knew existed.  Reluctantly, you enter.  The lights go out and the door slams shut behind you.  Your nightmare has just begun! There are only two ways out...

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